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Jennifer Henderson

Jen grew up as a military child travelling the world. In the 80s she moved to Virginia and fell in love with the beautiful countryside. Jen had spent 20 years of her life working in the corporate world when she decided that it was no longer for her and wanted to pursue farm employment opportunities. When the Alpaca farm that Jen worked at for a few years, left Staunton, she decided to stay in this peaceful area. She was working at a neighboring farm when she came across an opportunity at Penmerryl Farm Bed and Breakfast that she couldn’t pass up. Like everyone else that comes to Penmerryl, Jen fell in love with this charming place and never wanted to leave. Now she is a Madeline's right hand woman at the bed and breakfast, helping with the house keeping and cooking. When Jen is not at Penmerryl, she is taking care of her goats at High Ground Farm on the property.


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